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5 Affirmations To Say Every Morning

Your mindset is one of the most important factors for a happy life. When you think positive thoughts, you attract positive events and people to your life; you become a happiness magnet. Likewise, a negative approach to life can become a cycle of negativity that is hard to break. To keep myself on the “positive” track—which is not always easy to do in today’s negative, chaotic world—I began saying daily affirmations. Affirmations are a simple, powerful way to keep you focused on the positive and keep you from dwelling on the negative. Here are a few of the ways affirmations can help you improve your view on life. Start believing that happiness is a choice; it isn’t dependent on any outside fo

Natural Sunscreen to Use to Avoid Toxins

It’s a catch-22: we want to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays, but we slather on a concoction comprised of dozens of chemicals and toxins. Most commercial sunscreens are full of toxins that are slowly deteriorating our health and the health of our skin. For this reason, I have sought long and hard for a good, all-natural sunscreen. I may not be able to do much about the sun’s rays, but I can control what I put on my skin. The Food and Drug Administration has not verified the potential dangers of sunscreen; instead, it has grandfathered in ingredients used in the late 1970s, when we first became aware of the importance of sunscreen. As a result, today’s sunscreens are not required

The Morning Habit That Can Change Your Life – Meditation

Meditation can have a very positive effect on our attitude towards life and may even help improve the overall quality of our life. I take time every morning to quiet my mind and prepare for the day. It soothes my nerves and helps stave off the stress that inevitably tries to creep in. Less stress often means more positive feelings in general. I have found that meditation has helped my physical health as well; since practicing regular meditation, I have experienced less illness and more energy. Meditation may help lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, regulate the heart and respiratory rates, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote better overall wellbeing. There is a variety of me

Avocado Mask With Essential Oils

Beauty is an obsession of the ages, but there is growing evidence to suggest that our obsession with beauty is damaging our health. Women especially use myriad products, all of which are potentially exposing them—and their skin—to millions of harmful, toxic chemicals. There is little regulation or federal oversight on the ingredients in beauty products, and recent studies have shown that prolonged use and exposure to all of these products may be deadly. I have gradually been making the shift to more safe, natural, non-toxic products for my beauty needs. Here are the basics of cutting down on the toxins and free radicals you put in and on your body: Keep your beauty regimen simple. All you r

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