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My Story

My passion for seeking a holistic approach to health began when I was just 17. Caring for my grandmother after she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, I searched frantically for an alternative to the chemotherapy and radiation she received that made her so ill she couldn't eat or get out of bed, and very quickly took her life.    


 Fast forward to my 20's when I realized my OCD, anxiety, joint pain and depression were NOT normal even though a dozen or more doctors told me I was fine and needed medication for my anxiety. It took me putting myself through functional medicine training to learn that I  had all the symptoms of autoimmune disease and chronic infection.  I applied my knowledge and was able to uncover I had systemic strep, Lyme disease, and heavy metal toxicity that wrecked my immune system, hormones and brain chemistry.  By consistently applying the principles of functional and foundational health, I have been able to recover and heal!

Fast forward to 2020 when we discovered we had in fact been exposed to mold and were suffering from mycotoxin and endotoxin illness. It is only through my experience helping my clients overcome mold and mycotoxin illness that I recognized the signs and symptoms in myself and my own family. Thankfully my experience led to prompt identification and a healing protocol and we are all  almost fully  recovered! 

My deep desire to pursue a life as a holistic healer was born out of the most difficult times of my life. The  human body, mind, and spirit are connected, none can be treated alone. The body must be treated as a whole. Functional, foundational  medicine focuses on finding the root causes and addressing them, rather than addressing the symptoms. By restoring balance in the body, you are allowing the body to heal itself.​

I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner,  specializing in Functional Medicine, as well as a Certified Master Clinical Herbalist.  I am Board Certified with the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners, a member of the Holistic Pediatric Alliance and International Institute for Complementary Therapists. I am  also certified as an Autoimmune Specialist and have completed continuing education specializing in mold and mycotoxin illness, Lyme disease, and chronic infection.

I  created Kids Thrive Pediatric Program in 2017 as a community outreach program to spread education and awareness about the growing epidemic of childhood illnesses and as a means to facilitate the growth of healthy and happy kids in our community.​​

I have worked with the community in the holistic health field for over 17 years, serving on the dietary team at Grand Strand Hospital, selecting proper daily nutrition requirements for patients with various illnesses and conditions. I have worked in the clinical setting with numerous chiropractors, managing chronic pain and designing recovery and prevention plans for a wide variety of clients, including professional athletes.

I host a variety of classes, with a deep desire to empower and educate our community, hoping to encourage everyone that is willing and eager to learn and  to take their health into their own hands.

My continuing education is in bio-individual nutrition therapy for Autism and ADHD, Autism and Bio-Medical and Holistic Interventions, Functional Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Complimentary and Holistic Pediatric Interventions for Childhood Illness, Healing for Thyroid Disease, and Gut/Brain Connection and Correction Therapy, Autoimmune Disease Root Cause Correction, SIBO and GI Infections Identification and Correction. 

My passion is helping families achieve wellness by finding the root cause of their condition. I  utilize functional medicine analysis to uncover the hidden imbalances and guide each patient through their own unique healing journey.

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