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How to Stop Emotional Eating

Unhealthy eating habits are often the result of myriad factors, and not everyone who struggles with unhealthy eating habits fits into the same category. I myself have struggled with emotional eating; it is common and serious. Here is how I stopped emotional eating and fixed my relationship with food. 1.Stop counting calories and eat with intuition Deprivation is a very unhealthy way to lose weight; it may trigger negative thoughts or even depression. “Diet”—as opposed to “a diet”—is meant to be a long-term lifestyle, not a temporary quick fix. A healthy diet involves nutritional meals that you have deliberately planned and prepared to benefit your body. Crash and deprivation diets strip your

The Importance of Gut Health

It never fails: you decide now is the time to lose some weight or change your eating habits and you suddenly start craving sugary, high-calorie food. These cravings are both physiological and psychological, and a lot may have to do with your gut microbe. Neuroscientists have evidence that specific types of gut flora are responsible for helping detect which nutrients are missing in the body and what food is required in order to fulfill the need. However, sudden cravings for foods like sugar and chocolate may be the result of microbes tricking your mind. Try out some of these tips to keep your gut health, satisfied, and away from “false alarms” for unhealthy foods. Eat protein: Protein-rich fo

Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea

Dandelions have long been used for their medicinal qualities. As long as they have not been sprayed with herbicides or other toxins, they are completely safe to use and offer a plethora of benefits. In fact, they are one of my favorite ingredients for tea. Common to use is either their leaves or the roasted roots of the plant. Here are just a few benefits of dandelion tea 1.Reduces Water Weight Dandelion tea is an effective diuretic to help increase urination and relieve bloating; try just two cups of tea to see reduced water weight. 2.Soothes Digestive Ailments Dandelion root tea may help benefit your digestive system. It may help reduce appetite or hunger pains while soothing your digestiv

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