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Why I Suggest B Vitamins for Great Skin

Spring is here and so are the shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits. How do you feel about your skin? I know the vitamin B vitamins I take help my skin to look and feel great. Why B vitamins? Vitamin B helps metabolize food source to transport nutrients to the entire body—including skin and skin follicles.

Before I was as conscientious about B intake and strong and healthy skin, I had been noticing slow hair growth, dull skin, and an overall reduced glow reported by my clients. I consulted a colleague dermatologist, who told me that a deficiency in B's will absolutely lead to dry and dull and breaking skin.

She also told me that a lack of vitamin B9 (folate) could drastically reduce my hair growth. In addition, a lof of my clients suffer from acne-prone skin and psoriasis, which makes their skin look rigid and red, I sometimes suggest vitamin B12 to regulate the skin’s pigmentation production and lighten dark spots.

What Vitamin B Can Do for Your Skin and Nails

Not only are the various B vitamins extremely beneficial to your health, but they may help slow your skin’s aging process dramatically. Since increasing my intake of B vitamins, my skin has begun to look more youthful and now has a smoother, more healthy appearance. I have also noticed that my nails, which used to be fragile and thin, are now strong and healthy.

Vitamin B12, also known as riboflavin, helps my body absorb iron and calcium, both of which are necessary for healthy nails. It also supports the production of red blood cells.

Beautiful skin, hair, and nails start on the inside.

Drink plenty of mineral rich water and start increasing your B vitamins. I feel—and look!—like a new person since increasing mine. Treat your body well and it will shine!

I'm happy to hook you up with your own account with a discount to order your own high quality B Complex! I have a few favorites, just send me your name and email and I will hook you up with my favorites!


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