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Best Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Extracted directly from plants, essential oils have been found in medicine, food, cosmetics, and perfumes for centuries. Their myriad health benefits and anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are making them increasingly popular aromatherapy remedies for better cognitive function, enhanced memory, and improved mood, as well as pain relief from stiff or sore joints and muscles. Some essential oils can be applied topically while others are best when taken orally. However, because they are a concentrated source of phytochemicals, they should be used with caution and as directed.

Here are a few of my favorite essential oils for promoting better sleep.

1.Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil’s woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma creates a relaxing, calming, and comforting atmosphere when diffused to help support a relaxing nighttime routine. The cleansing and moisturizing properties associated with Cedarwood also make it a great addition to your favorite skin care products.

  • Used in aromatherapy due to its power to relieve tension and stress.

  • Serves as a natural sedative.

  • Stimulates serotonin production.

  • Promotes youthful and healthy skin.

  • Remedy for coughs, colds and congestion.

2.Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil’s aroma is earthy, eclectic, and exotic. It originates from a perennial grass native to the tropical regions in Asia. Because Vetiver is produced from the steam distillation of the plant’s root, the oil has a woodsy scent. It was used in ancient times, and the oil’s popularity still exists as an ingredient in colognes and fragrances—especially for men—as well as in soaps and moisturizers. Vetiver is great to diffuse in work and study areas because its diverse aroma helps create an uplifting environment.

  • Soothes sore joints and muscles.

  • Evens skin tones.

  • Creates a smoothing sleeping environment.

  • Improve alertness and brain function.

  • Better breathing patterns during sleep.

3.Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom is a member of the ginger family; distilling steam produced by the seeds after they have been dried in an extensive, three-month process makes the essential oil. It offers a range of health benefits related to the digestive and respiratory systems and is safe for use on children. This oil can be diffused or added to bath salts. The primary benefits of cardamom essential oil include:

  • Relieves spasms.

  • Prevents microbial infections.

  • Helps maintain gastrointestinal balance while easing digestion.

  • Improves respiratory health by promoting clear breathing.

  • Uplifts mood while calming stomach issues.

  • Promote calm emotions to help cope with frustration or rage.

A good, restful night’s sleep is so important! I use at least one of these every night to make sure my body and mind get the rest they need.

I provide Young Living essential oil therapy for my patients. Contact me to schedule an appointment to get to the root of your problems and determine the best natural remedies to help treat your symptoms.

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