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Our Imbalanced Babes

Do you feel out of balance with all life's everyday stressors, wreaking havoc on your  zen state of mind, causing chaos everywhere peace and calm try to reside? 

How do you think our kiddos feel? 

Poor kids. They aren't even equipped with the capabilities and tools to manage the stress that's thrown at them. 

Let's look at symptoms of an imbalanced child:

  • Chronic illness 

  • Slow recovery from sickness 

  • Eczema, hives, dark circles under eyes 

  • Overweight 

  • Inability to focus or concentrate 

  • Depressed/irritable/aggressive 

  • Bloated tummy, constipated, diarrhea 

  • Reflux, aversion to meat or other foods 

  • Fatigue, general laziness 

As parents, it is our job to pay attention to the warning signs and act fast to bring balance back to our kiddos' lives before they acclimate to this imbalance   

This is common, NOT normal. 

What Causes Imbalance?

  • Trauma ( birth, falls, accidents)

  • Toxins ( mom's toxins passed in utero and in breatmilk, vaccines, dirty food, chemical-laden body care products, environmental exposures) 

  • Emotional and Psychological Stress ( stress in utero, birth, home environment, parenting styles, not having needs met=being left to cry it out) 

How Can We Bring Balance Back?

  • Eat Right, Not Well ( Get a food sensitivity panel to reduce exposure to antigens) 

  • Buy organic when possible 

  • Use clean body care items 

  • Take inventory of the home. Eliminate toxic cleaners or pollutants. Ensure proper air and water purification systems are in place. 

  • Never smoke near children 

  • Make routine well checks part of your child's wellness plan 

  • Use only high quality vitamins, not synthetic junk you buy at Walmart or order from Amazon. 

  • Make Chiropractic Care a routine habit! Keep your child's nervous system functioning and their bodies strong and growing by getting them checked regularly. 

  • Enforce regular bedtimes. Kids need consistent sleep schedules no matter their age. Get into a routine! 

  • Limit screen time! Tv's, tablets, phones, laptops... All need to be limited and turned off an hour before bed to allow the mind to shut down properly. Ever correlate too much technology with kid's inability to concentrate??

  • Get out and move with your kids. They need fresh air! They need to move! They need a parent to model this behavior in order to make this a habit! 

We are around our kids more and know them better than anyone. We have to be vigilant and take action when we see things aren't quite right. Sometimes allowing our kids to just be still is all they need to reboot. 

Remember how much fun we had playing on the creek bed and running barefoot in the grass trying to catch fireflies? 

This is the simplicity our kids crave too! 

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