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Stop chasing the quick fix gimmicks that NEVER lead to lasting healing!  You deserve more and better, and we want to show you the difference between finding REAL ROOT CAUSES and healing them vs. wasting time, money and energy on testing and protocols that don't teach you the WHY and the HOW. 

We work with all chronic infection, specializing in Lyme and co-infection, Epstein Barr, Mold Illness, PANDAS, PANS,  chronic anxiety, thyroid disease, autoimmunity, PCOS, heavy metal toxicity, IBS, IBD, Crohn's, UC, SIBO, parasitic infestation, Metabolic Syndrome, Those recovering from Ozempic and Semiglutide use, Recovery from cancer and the damage of allopathic treatment.... Stop selling yourself short with the same old broken single consult model that is designed to keep you a customer FOR LIFE (just like conventional sick care!)


Kasey Bordas BCHHP, CCMH

Functional Medicine Practitioner

I am a Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner,  Holistic Health Practitioner,  as well  as a Certified Master Clinical Herbalist.  I am Board Certified with the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners, a member of the Holistic Pediatric Alliance and International Institute for Complementary Therapists. I am  also certified as an Autoimmune Specialist and have completed continuing education specializing in mold and mycotoxin illness, Lyme disease, and chronic infection.

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"She worked with me  running some test to see what was going on in my body . She pinpointed lots of issues and was able to start me on supplements to enhance my absorption of mineral and nutrients which my body was not doing.

Almost other protocols like the healing room I knew I was in the right place."


"I was able to succeed with Kasey’s guidance and support. Testing indicated the necessary dietary changes I needed to make. In three months I lost weight, I no longer need naps, gained a lot of energy and I learned so much. 


"If you are tired of the doctor telling you that your labs are normal and everything is fine when you know everything is not fine, then this is the place to go! Kasey and her team are very attentive and interested in my personal needs. I have learned a lot and feel so much better."
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