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Meet Kasey

Experiences With Holistic Family Wellness

What People Are Saying About Working With Kasey 

Listen to Amy's story of her experience in a Functional Wellness Program Kasey designed to meet her individual health concerns that included hormonal imbalances, immune dysregulation, and taught her to seek the root cause of her symptoms . 

Listen to Andrea's story of her daughter's road to healing and the results she has seen from working with Kasey in a Functional Wellness Program that was designed to meet her unique needs. 

I recommend Kasey to patients frequently. I am a family medicine physician and I have enjoyed seeing mutual patients with her. She cares deeply for her patients and digs deep to find the root cause of what’s ailing her patients.

- Lisa R.  (April 2020)

Kasey is wonderful! She is kind, caring, compassionate and VERY knowledgeable. She is easily accessible, prompt in returning messages and very supportive.  

She has helped me feel 100% better! 

-Tiffany B.  (February 2020)

I was so excited to see Kasey and her family at the Murrells Inlet Christmas Parade. She turned my life right side up after a nasty injury. She is the best.

Thank you Kasey!

- Debbie L.  (December 2019)

Before, during, and after our pregnancy, our goal was to strive to be as healthy as possible for our baby boy. Kasey at Holistic Family Wellness listened to our concerns and goals and helped us to put a plan in place, supporting us every step of the way. Through time and dedication we are proud to say our son is thriving and so are we! Thank you Kasey for your constant help and support! We'd recommend you to everyone!

- Matt & Amber G. (November 2019)

Kasey is wonderful! Each visit with her is better than the last. If you are looking for real medical help that isn't just getting new medications she is the one you need to go to. She has helped me with tension/pain in my back and neck as well as detoxing my body with her IonCleanse footbath. She is by far the best in The Grand Strand and you are missing out if you haven't met with her! Thank you Kasey!

- Karen K. (June 2019)

Kasey has helped me so much. I came in with a variety of symptoms and she immediately wanted to find the root of the symptoms. We did blood work, which she went over with a fine-tooth comb and explained it all to me. After developing a lifestyle plan and adding some supplements, within a week or so, I could tell a difference. She has really turned my health around for me and i cannot recommend or thank her enough for all she has done to help me! Go see her!

- Whitney A.  (June 2019)

We just got back our Lab results, one year apart. For those of you that don’t know, one year ago my son was diagnosed with early onset autoimmune disease and his thyroid levels were super out of balance. Pediatricians wanted to start him on medications and put bandaids on the problem. Instead we sought holistic health care and sought to heal. We found Kasey. With her help, we did a complete diet overhaul and eliminated inflammatory foods. We did allergy testing to identify the offending foods. We were able to heal him by addressing various issues and deficiencies in his body. One year later we are not totally out of the woods but as you can see we are eons better than we were. We did this without medication! We used natural supplements vitamins/minerals/detox and food. Food is medicine! We healed him and are still healing him. I’m so proud of my son for adapting to this lifestyle and so grateful for everyone, especially Kasey, who has supported us on this journey. Healing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. By identifying and addressing each issue we have been able to reverse autoimmune disease so my son has a better quality of life.

- Holly B. (April 2019)

Five stars for Kasey! After thoroughly investigating my 12 yo daughter's symptoms, eating habits and analyzing a variety of blood work results, she was able to come up with a nutrition program that eliminated the headaches that had been relentless for 6 months. She takes time to explain how quantitative lab values can be affected by qualitative factors such as diet, stress and supplementation. Very happy with the care she has provided and highly recommend her services. Thank you Kasey!

- Kim V. (March 2019)

Kasey is awesome. Very knowledgeable, professional & sweet.

- Shay G.  (February 2019)

If you need help getting your life and health back this is the lady you need to see, she has shown me a good way and natural way to start a new life, a better me and a healthier way of life, thank you so much Kasey Bordas. 

- Sharon H. (2018)

I'm not sure there are enough adjectives to describe Kasey and how I feel about her. Kasey is (in no particular order) passionate, dedicated, attentive, respectful, patient, gentle, kind, knowledgeable, eager, understanding, thoughtful, and diligent just to name a few. Since working with Kasey for the past several months, my 15 year old son has gained 8lbs and 3 inches! This is huge for him. It took years for any kind of gain in the past. He overall health is improving and he will tell you he definitely feels a difference! He is over the moon excited and does anything Kasey suggests. We are thrilled with the progress and hopeful for even more positive result as we continue to work with Kasey. My younger 2 children and I see Kasey as well. We highly recommend!

- Katie O. (2018)

My son is Autistic and after struggling with his digestive health for a long time I decided to seek help to figure out what is going on and stop trying to treat the symptoms. That's when I met Kasey. Our first initial consult she gave me som tips and changes to make to get us going on the path, which really seemed to help with his health and behavior and then she ordered a hair test and blood works and after doing an extensive evaluation of the results we can up with a diet and supplement plan to help get my son on track. I am extremely excited to get started on this road and help my baby be as healthy as he can. If you are looking for an alternative for regular medicine and are sick of trying to treat the symptoms instead of the problem, I highly recommend Kasey !!!! She is knowledgeable and really cares about your health.

- Jamie D. (2018)

I was very impressed with the professional consultation and service which was provided by this practice. Thank you for your help.

- Lin M. (2017)

Thank you for all that you did and continue to do, to help with my health.

- Tony K. (2017)

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