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Kasey Bordas

Signs You Need Functional Care

  • You have chronic illness like Epstein Barr, Lyme Disease, Mold Illness, Pans or Pandas

  • Feeling exhausted, even after a full night's sleep

  • Struggling with brain fog and cognitive decline 

  • Self-limiting diet or food addictions 

  • Sudden or gradual change in personality, behavior, or thoughts

  • Experiencing anxiety, mood swings, depression or pms

  • Bloated, constipated or have acid reflux or diarrhea 

  • You have to keep increasing your thyroid medication dosage

  • Have trouble winding down or calming your monkey brain at night 

  • Resistant weight loss, cravings, blood sugar dysregulation

  • Have eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hives, or adult acne and you've tried all the suggested cures and still suffer

  • Eating now is overwhelming and unpleasant

  • You've seen different doctors and practitioners and still don't have the answers you are looking for

It’s time to get to the root causes for your symptoms by starting with your gut health, hormonal balance, immune function, stress perception, and toxic load.


What We Do 

  • Help you to restore your health or maintain your health through proper nutrition 

  • Help you to address your daily habits, behaviors, and beliefs that are preventing you from healing 

  • Identify underlying metabolic dysfunction at the cellular level- where all life begins and ends 

  • Work with you to make sustainable change vs. quick fix bandaid solutions 

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of your body through functional lab testing

What We Don't Do 

  • Quick, general cookie-cutter protocols 

  • Chase your symptoms 

  • Offer the traditional 15 minute in and out consult you typically get with your insurance copay

  • Tell you your labs are normal and that you must be stressed and to come back in a year

Let Me Help Point Your Family To Wellness

My passion is to provide an individualized wellness approach that stems from a detailed understanding of your environmental, biochemical makeup, and lifestyle factors, to create a functional personalized wellness plan.  The core problems with many of today’s health issues lies in inflammation caused by poor nutrition, stress, and toxins the body as well as deficiencies of proper rest, nutrition, movement, and hydration.  Working with me, you will learn how to prioritize and correct these issues to allow the body to heal itself.

To heal the whole person, I need to understand the root causes of issues rather than just the symptoms. By making lifestyle modifications, using functional and supportive therapies and further education about optimal care, I see my clients live healthier and happier lives!

We use all non-drug and non-toxic methods including  herbs, enzymes, minerals, binders, chelators, and targeted probiotics. Because Kasey is an expert in individualized bio-medical therapy, we choose unique remedies and care plans for our clients.  We use only the highest quality bio and nutraceuticals, as each company has been scrutinized carefully. Kasey works hand in hand with the client's physician, chiropractor or therapist to find the most compatible care plan for success!

Meet Kasey

First of all, I thank you for taking an interest in having this conversation with me. Because you may be unfamiliar with me, allow me to introduce myself so you can get a better feel for who I am and what I do.  I am a Board Certified Holistic Health and Functional Medicine Practitioner.  I work with everyone, but I specialize in women’s and children’s chronic illness such as  Lyme, Epstein Barr and mold illness and also things like Pandas, Pans, autism, adhd, eczema, heavy metal toxicity and generalized “failure to thrive” labels. I am a mom who up until 10 years ago didn’t know I had Lyme and co infections like Epstein Barr and Bartonella because my symptoms were so masked by poor lifestyle choices, and the fact that I never felt well at any point in my life since birth.


I grew up with OCD, headaches, nosebleeds, and general malaise,  so feeling this way just seemed normal. It wasn’t until I became pregnant and really focused on cleaning up my diet and making sure I was toxin free that I realized that some of the time I felt great, and that these symptoms were not actually normal. 

After I had my son I had a very distinct episode of illness that was traumatic in that I was fearful of having breast cancer. I had a painful mass in my breast along with fatigue, joint pain, hair loss, and some other alarming symptoms. This came a year after finding a lesion on my liver through imaging.

I went to at least 5 different types of doctors and two very well-known holistic practitioners and no one could find the answers to help me.

The diet I was put on further tanked my adrenals and I was so weak and anemic, my immune system was no longer keeping infections in check.

I wish I could tell you I found answers quickly, but I didn’t. It took me a few more years of going through my own functional medicine training to realize no one was helping me heal because no one was asking the right questions to get the right answers.

My son developed signs of Pandas, and through working with these pediatric cases in my own practice, it was easy for me to see it in him. It wasn’t all cut and dry though. He was not a classic case of Pandas, he was now Pans.

Through my own journey and clinical training I realized that I was a Pandas child and no one ever put the symptoms and the immune dysregulation together for me, but I certainly recognized it in my own child. Fast forward to today and I have helped hundreds of women and children discover some very elusive root causes to the symptoms that seem so mysterious and not only that, I have taught them how to heal without out ever using a pharmaceutical!

We use non-invasive therapies like herbals, nutraceuticals, bio-individual nutrition, supporting the body’s natural detoxification systems and various adjunct therapies we have available in our office. 


So do we use labs? That is a question I get asked frequently


Yes but it is just the logistics of what I do .

Labs don’t tell the whole story and we need to use them in context with your symptoms and history. Treating labs on a test is misleading and doesn’t address all of the underlying issues. There are many moving parts and while it can be tedious, my favorite part is using my clinical investigative skills to put the pieces together. Assessing a lab result takes much more training than looking at highs and lows and there are many nuances to be seen that an untrained and inexperienced provider ordering the test would miss.  

There is also no such thing as "the root cause" and I work to dispel this myth as it is elusive and often leads to false hope and disappointment. The truth is, the state of health you find yourself in is a direct result of your lifestyle, choices, environment, and even your parents' choices prior to your conception and birth.  Therefore, it is not possible to pin your symptoms and diagnosis on one cause. 

The great news is together we will uncover all of these pieces when you are ready to take that journey! 

Healing is not linear, it won't happen in one consult, not even with one lab, but it will happen when you decide it can! 

                                                                                                  -Kasey Bordas

Kasey has been in the alternative health field for over 18 years.  Her focus is helping women and parents learn how to take the driver's seat in their health journey through a variety of modalities, using a functional perspective of the whole individual, not just their symptoms. Kasey specializes in  pediatric health conditions, Autism, Epstein Barr, Lyme and co-infections, autoimmune disorders, ADHD, behavioral issues, chronic infections, heavy metal toxicity, thyroid conditions, whole body detoxification, restoring the digestive system, sustainable weight management, and stress and pain management. 

She is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner(BCHHP), a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist(CCMH),  a member of the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners, National Institute for Complementary Therapists and the Holistic Pediatric Association.


Her passion is providing education and guidance toward discovering the root causes of your symptoms and through this process, helping you transform your life! By empowering people to take control of their own health,  they are more likely to commit to the process of their healing.


Autism Therapy

I provide functional  therapeutic and biomedical education for reducing comorbidities associated with autism.  My methods and modalities include individualized  nutritional, supplement, and detox guidance based on functional lab data, individualized plans that provide ongoing support and guidance to help families make sustainable changes.

"He is more vocal, and let us know what he wants or needs. Using signs or taking us to where he wants to go. Sometimes he says "mom" or "no." Thanks for opening our eyes to having a better understanding of what is going on with our son. 

He has been doing well, the ABA therapist is amazed how much he has changed since she first met him. She said she cant believe it's the same kid. He has made great progress interacting with others and trying to follow directions.

We are grateful that we found you and for all the information you provided for our child to succeed"


- M. Morales of 3 

Online Health Programs

Like to do it on your own? I get it. I provide various online wellness programs and groups for individuals and families to  work on health challenges at their own pace from their own home. 


Wellness Blog

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the abundance of health-related advice these days on the web? Join me here for up to date information, fresh and exciting recipes, workouts and the latest in alternative health.

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