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Breakthrough Discovery Session 

Thank you for your interest in working with me. So you have a problem? Let's discover a solution! 

  • This breakthrough discovery session is the first step to working with me.

  • During this call you will get more acquainted with me and my approach and I can learn more about what you need and help you determine if my care is the best for you at this time

  • We will define what problems you are having and a preliminary roadmap to determine what steps to take to get crystal clear about your goals and the most efficient way for you to reach them. 

  • Whether your goal is to heal your hormone imbalance, heal an autoimmune condition, or to understand your mystery symptoms and laundry list of diagnoses, this 30 minute call  is where we begin our journey together. 

  • We will discuss barriers that have been holding you back and determine if you are ready to overcome them 

  •  I will suggest either a more advanced consult to help you see the bigger picture and evaluate all of your history and labs in a way that no one has ever before, or I may suggest a more comprehensive wellness program designed for those really ready for TRUE healing and transformation as THAT does not occur in one consult

What is NOT included in this consult:

  • Lab review of any kind 

  • Detailed diet recommendations 

  • Suggesting of generic protocols 

  • My functional medicine training is extensive. I would never sell my clients short by providing a 15 minute lab review much like you receive with your insurance copay, nor would I ever suggest generic diet and supplement protocols. You are unique and your wellness plan should be too! Google has tons of free health advice that is designed for everyone and no one in particular. 

  • I am all about the particular details of your wellbeing!  


So if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, only getting the sick care provided by your insurance provider, you are tired of guessing if your diet or supplements are actually needed, helping, and more importantly, not causing more harm, if you want  the most thorough evaluation of your case and a crystal clear plan to help get you to where you really want to be to live the life you know you deserve! 

  • If you have no labs, don't want labs, don't want your chronic issues addressed, and just want to discuss general diet, supplement, or mindset struggles, call our office at 843-957-7067. 

  • Please note that I will only offer a limited amount of single or stand-alone sessions as i do not believe they are the key to real healing, and all of my program wellness clients will have priority over single sessions so they will be fit in when available.  

Possible ways to work with me will include:

  • One-on-One 6 Month VIP Program

  • 8-12 Week Group Functional Life Clinic Foundational Health Program to heal your body from the inside out 

  • Single Functional Discovery Analysis 

  • Go at Your Own Pace Online Programs (see Programs Page)

  • My approach to health is best suited for those that are seeking to take a deep, functional  dive into their challenges. This far exceeds holistic, because my goal is not limited to switching pharmaceuticals for herbs or vitamins. It is restoring whole body health

**This 30 minute consult is a first step to help me determine how to help you. You did not get to be where you are in one day or week, and one consult will not be enough to help you heal. If you are searching for a quick fix, a magic pill, and not interested in learning to heal yourself, truly, this is not a good fit for you. 


Check out my programs that allow you to work at your own pace.  Each plan includes educational pieces, suggested meal plans, shopping lists, food journals, inspiration and much more. 


Whether you are looking for a cleanse to start off your health journey, a jumpstart program to learn how to lay proper foundational health strategies, or maybe you need to balance your hormones, I have a program just for you where you will learn to overhaul your eating, improve your digestion, strengthen your mindset, and get your energy and zest for life back!