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Meet Kasey

Listen to Amy's story of her experience in a Functional Wellness Program Kasey designed to meet her individual health concerns that included hormonal imbalances, immune dysregulation, and taught her to seek the root cause of her symptoms . 

Listen to Andrea's story of her daughter's road to healing and the results she has seen from working with Kasey in a Functional Wellness Program that was designed to meet her unique needs. 

Unmotivated, extreme fatigue, depression. This is how I had lived my life for the first 5 months of 2021. I felt like a failure in all areas of my life, felt as if I had little control over most of my life, and dark thoughts and lies pervaded my mind as I was flailing to survive each and every day. I had a loving, supportive husband and 5 beautiful children which I was not enjoying. I felt the joy and desire to care about my life was gone. Not suicidal, yet indifferent but more so, desperate. I came to the realization that I needed help; I knew I didn’t want prescription meds. I knew something was wrong internally, but had no idea what; perhaps it was a midlife crisis? I began searching for a holistic wellness approach. I figured it was hormones or an imbalance of vitamins or minerals but wasn’t positive. Then I found Kasey at Holistic Family Wellness. What a God-send! I had no idea the depth my body, mind, & spirit had fallen along with my emotions. I knew I wasn’t in a healthy place and I was desiring a major change.  From my first meeting with Kasey, it was amazing. She truly listened as I rambled all over the place, venting my thoughts to her. She was compassionate, sympathetic, and encouraging, yet she lovingly pointed out truths in life of which I needed reminding. Then she literally wrote out a list of things I needed to begin doing, taking one step at a time to regain control over my life, streamline my responsibilities while making them easier on me, and focus on recovering my health. It was far worse than I ever knew or ever would have known had I not taken that first step. It was work; Kasey can’t do the work for me, but she would be so positive, and not guilt me if I failed(yet again!) in one area of my assignments. She took it in strides and focused on what I had accomplished and then we revisited the neglected areas later. She never chided, but she would tell me if I was believing lies about myself or called me out if I was making excuses that weren’t legitimate. I loved that. She made me feel that her time as well as my time and financial resources were valuable enough to grit my teeth and strive for our agreed upon goals so that not all would be lost.  She has given me the tools I need to be successful in the areas with which I struggle and am displeased with. After a year’s time of working with Kasey, I am truly a different person. The first committed 3 month sessions were focusing on my organization, sleep & eating habits, and positive self talk/not doubting myself, as well as supplements in helping overcome the shingles virus I was experiencing.  But that was the tip of the iceberg with all that was occurring in my life!  Then we both agreed I needed more time with her with my being in such straits physically. My bloodwork showed that I was running off fumes depleted in vitamins and minerals. So she put me on a variety of supplements, gut health, and vitamins for stress, as well as improving healthy diet habits and what a difference all of those have made! As I was sharing new physical things happening and responses to life situations, she made more evaluations where she surmised that I was needing more specific help in certain areas. And again, after about 4 weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my disposition, the way I felt, and the way I responded. I noticed about 80% improvement, I’d say, and I believe it will continue to improve with the help of the Lord and continuing to take my health seriously by keeping these practices in place. The sauna was good for me physically, and taking time to chill was important to de-stress. She pampered me!


 As I have ended the 5th month of the year 2022, my perspective regarding my life, regarding my family, and regarding my health has changed tremendously, specifically as it pertains to the necessity of self care; this has been eye opening at how pertinent a little commitment, weekly reserved scheduled time of personal care, and consistent work is in choosing overall health & wellness. It has allowed me to be mindful of how the mind, body, & soul are all intertwined, working together to be my best, so that I can give my best to those I love and serve. The joy has returned, the fatigue is waning, and the desire to live life in an organized manner to make my family thrive is present. I appreciate all that Kasey has shown me & taught me while being my cheerleader. I thank the Lord for Kasey and the knowledge she imparts with the time she spends with her clients. She’s made a huge difference in my life, and I know should I ever need a future boost of guidance in any area I may struggle, she will be right where I last hugged her and she gave me her most beautiful smile as we said our farewells, sending me out the door with personal success following me and a hopeful future in front of me.  


Natalie Morgan, Client from Spring 2021-Spring 2022 intermittently 

"when I began seeing Kasey I was having about every stomach trouble you could imagine, I had POTS, I was passing out all the time, my blood pressure was staying tremendously low, I had zero energy, and a list of other problems. I had seen Drs of all kinds none of them wanted to find out what was wrong they only wanted to throw medicine at you and send you out the door and which none of the medicine helped so I was left feeling the same way as when I walked in the door! Kasey has changed my life in the 4 months of seeing her! The first time I walked in her door she had so much compassion, she listened, and she genuinely cared about what you were saying! She took her time with you it was not in the door and out! In the last 4 months we have changed the way I ate, and she has found the root causes of everything that was going on with me and I sit here today feeling better than I have in over 20 years! I have no bloating,no stomach pains,I’m not passing out, and I have energy! I feel like a new person, I never thought I could feel like this again but thanks to Kasey I can live again! 

Nicole Tucker April 2023

Last spring my health was at an all time low. I had NO energy, I was taking naps every single day just to make it through, I was constantly sick with ear issues, sore throat, body aches, random sore muscles, dizzy spells, headaches, my hair was thinning, my blood sugar was off, and I was up for 3-4 hours most nights vomiting constantly. I went to many doctors, was given many prescriptions but got no answers.

Thankfully I was lead to get to know Kasey at Holistic Family Wellness

Kasey had me answer tons of questions about my current conditions, daily routines, sleep patterns, current medications, anxiety and coping mechanisms, family history and my medical history and sent me for labs immediately.

The results revealed 2 different infections that were in my body/blood, insane deficiencies in vitamins/minerals/protein, high sugar levels and some other imbalances. We met very soon after getting my results and she gave me treatment plan to get started. She took the time and FINALLY got to the root cause of all of my issues. I took 2 weeks off of work, changed everything about my eating habits and my sleep schedule, I quit 3 of my 5 jobs and I learned SO much about how to manage my anxiety, which was also contributing to a lot of my issues.

The Lord knew who I needed and what I needed. Kasey listened and didn’t just put a bandage on my issues and for that I’ll be forever thankful.

Here’s a picture from one month before I met with Kasey for the first time and one from 4 months after that day! If my skin changed this much, imagine how great the rest is doing

Jessica Hawver March 2023

Jessica Hawver 2.jpg
Jessica Hawver.jpg

I am currently a client of Kasey’s and she has definitely made all the difference in my life and health! She is very knowledgeable in her field and will get to the root cause of your issue and uses her expertise to get results. I was being treated for pneumonia and a chronic sinus infection before seeing Kasey, which was getting me no where! My lungs are clear from all infection and inflammation now and so are my sinuses. I also had fluid built up around my lungs and it’s now also gone. We are working on a few other issues and I’m confident with her help these will be resolved as well!

Beth Squires  January 2022

After leaving our appointment today with Kasey, I finally feel like I have answers/an exact direction I needed for my daughters gut to heal. The wealth of knowledge Kasey portrayed was outstanding and beyond what we expected. She expressed numerous resources and products I was able to easily purchase, having the confidence to use them with success. I will be going to Kasey myself in the future and feel comfortable knowing I have this wonderful practice right within our hometown. If you have been pondering over an appointment, book it. You won’t regret it!  -Marissa September 2022 

Kasey Bordas literally saved my life!!

After not feeling well for months, I sought out an alternative medicine doctor to assist me with getting to the root cause.
I had recently relocated and took a leap of faith in order to find an alternative medicine doctor to assist me.  After reading Kasey’s bio and other testimonies I decided to seek out Kasey for help. 
My labs were all within range, however, I just did not feel well.
After being under Kasey’s care for a short period of time she was able to identify the root cause  and has helped me to take my life back.  I was suffering with anxiety, inflammation, autoimmune thyroid disease, gi dysregulation, all of which were undetected in my labs.
Kasey is truly a Godsend, I’ve decided to continue working with her in an effort to achieve optimal health.  
Pamela B. August 2022

PANDAS/PANS TEEN-  "He is having a bowel movement every other day which is an improvement. He is accepting of the gluten free diet and asking me what he can and can’t eat. He is starting to have more good days. He said his ocd is not 24/7 anymore. He said he is having times where he is not thinking about it. His sleep is improved. Not as much trouble falling asleep and he is sleeping all night.  His acne is improving without his prescription creams. 

I see the most improvement in anxiety and irritability. He’s becoming much more physically active/ energy. He rarely mentions ocd unless I mention it to him. In January it was all he talked about. He says the thoughts are shifting into other things he didn’t think about"

I recommend Kasey to patients frequently. I am a family medicine physician and I have enjoyed seeing mutual patients with her. She cares deeply for her patients and digs deep to find the root cause of what’s ailing her patients.

- Lisa R.  (April 2020)

Kasey is wonderful! She is kind, caring, compassionate and VERY knowledgeable. She is easily accessible, prompt in returning messages and very supportive.  

She has helped me feel 100% better! 

-Tiffany B.  (February 2020)

Before, during, and after our pregnancy, our goal was to strive to be as healthy as possible for our baby boy. Kasey at Holistic Family Wellness listened to our concerns and goals and helped us to put a plan in place, supporting us every step of the way. Through time and dedication we are proud to say our son is thriving and so are we! Thank you Kasey for your constant help and support! We'd recommend you to everyone!

- Matt & Amber G. (November 2019)

Kasey is wonderful! Each visit with her is better than the last. If you are looking for real medical help that isn't just getting new medications she is the one you need to go to. She has helped me with tension/pain in my back and neck as well as detoxing my body with her IonCleanse footbath. She is by far the best in The Grand Strand and you are missing out if you haven't met with her! Thank you Kasey!

- Karen K. (June 2019)

We just got back our Lab results, one year apart. For those of you that don’t know, one year ago my son was diagnosed with early onset autoimmune disease and his thyroid levels were super out of balance. Pediatricians wanted to start him on medications and put bandaids on the problem. Instead we sought holistic health care and sought to heal. We found Kasey. With her help, we did a complete diet overhaul and eliminated inflammatory foods. We did allergy testing to identify the offending foods. We were able to heal him by addressing various issues and deficiencies in his body. One year later we are not totally out of the woods but as you can see we are eons better than we were. We did this without medication! We used natural supplements vitamins/minerals/detox and food. Food is medicine! We healed him and are still healing him. I’m so proud of my son for adapting to this lifestyle and so grateful for everyone, especially Kasey, who has supported us on this journey. Healing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. By identifying and addressing each issue we have been able to reverse autoimmune disease so my son has a better quality of life.

- Holly B. (April 2019)

Kasey has helped me so much. I came in with a variety of symptoms and she immediately wanted to find the root of the symptoms. We did blood work, which she went over with a fine-tooth comb and explained it all to me. After developing a lifestyle plan and adding some supplements, within a week or so, I could tell a difference. She has really turned my health around for me and i cannot recommend or thank her enough for all she has done to help me! Go see her!

- Whitney A.  (June 2019)

Five stars for Kasey! After thoroughly investigating my 12 yo daughter's symptoms, eating habits and analyzing a variety of blood work results, she was able to come up with a nutrition program that eliminated the headaches that had been relentless for 6 months. She takes time to explain how quantitative lab values can be affected by qualitative factors such as diet, stress and supplementation. Very happy with the care she has provided and highly recommend her services. Thank you Kasey!

- Kim V. (March 2019)

My son is Autistic and after struggling with his digestive health for a long time I decided to seek help to figure out what is going on and stop trying to treat the symptoms. That's when I met Kasey. Our first initial consult she gave me som tips and changes to make to get us going on the path, which really seemed to help with his health and behavior and then she ordered a hair test and blood works and after doing an extensive evaluation of the results we can up with a diet and supplement plan to help get my son on track. I am extremely excited to get started on this road and help my baby be as healthy as he can. If you are looking for an alternative for regular medicine and are sick of trying to treat the symptoms instead of the problem, I highly recommend Kasey !!!! She is knowledgeable and really cares about your health.

- Jamie D. (2018)

I'm not sure there are enough adjectives to describe Kasey and how I feel about her. Kasey is (in no particular order) passionate, dedicated, attentive, respectful, patient, gentle, kind, knowledgeable, eager, understanding, thoughtful, and diligent just to name a few. Since working with Kasey for the past several months, my 15 year old son has gained 8lbs and 3 inches! This is huge for him. It took years for any kind of gain in the past. He overall health is improving and he will tell you he definitely feels a difference! He is over the moon excited and does anything Kasey suggests. We are thrilled with the progress and hopeful for even more positive result as we continue to work with Kasey. My younger 2 children and I see Kasey as well. We highly recommend!

- Katie O. (2018)

If you need help getting your life and health back this is the lady you need to see, she has shown me a good way and natural way to start a new life, a better me and a healthier way of life, thank you so much Kasey Bordas. 

- Sharon H. (2018)

Thank you for all that you did and continue to do, to help with my health.

- Tony K. (2017)

I was so excited to see Kasey and her family at the Murrells Inlet Christmas Parade. She turned my life right side up after a nasty injury. She is the best.

Thank you Kasey!

- Debbie L.  (December 2019)

I was very impressed with the professional consultation and service which was provided by this practice. Thank you for your help.

- Lin M. (2017)

Experiences With Holistic Family Wellness

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