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Holistic and Functional Services 

Holistic Services

Nutrition Counseling

45 minute session dedicated to discussion and evaluation of a patient's current diet, including evaluating macronutrient intake, allergens, and determining a diet that is correct for the patient's  bioindividuality. Food Sensitivity Testing available



Functional Medicine Initial Consult and Discovery Session

Have you been struggling to find REAL answers as to why you don't feel right? Have you been told "everything is normal" when your labs come back but you know something is wrong? 


You are not alone!!


A FUNCTIONal view will  determine a causation for particular symptoms, enabling the practitioner and client to decide on a trajectory for their wellness plan. Routine blood work can often times miss deeper, underlying disorders, leaving people confused and empty handed, as symptoms persist. Together we will take a comprehensive, functional approach to uncover the root cause of your symptoms.  Lab testing not required but very helpful in determining your metabolic state.  Fee includes a comprehensive intake analysis, plus the expertise and time it takes for your practitioner to obtain all records, review medical intake forms, analyze labs and determine a root cause of your symptoms, and create a report including findings and a suggested plan of therapy, plus your 90 minute in-office or tele-health consult to go over your report of findings.  Bio-energetic scan included with in-office consultation. (Payment Plan Available)



Pediatric Wellness Visits

In our country we wait until we are sick to visit our healthcare facility. Our goal at Holistic Family Wellness is to change the current outlook on our healthcare. We would rather help you raise a healthy child  than worry about healing an unwell adult. This service is to provide guidance for proper nutrition, supplement and lifestyle choices for your child. Ages 0-15




Custom Detox Program

Do you suffer from chronic digestive issues, fatigue, frequent colds, flu's and viral infections, aches, pains, malaise, headaches, insomnia, PMS, mood disorders, or skin disorders?  If you answered YES, then you are in dire need of a full body cleanse. Not just any kind of cleanse.  A personally tailored program designed to remove toxic buildup and heavy metals that accumulate in your tissues, hindering the natural detoxification processes your body performs everyday. Unlike a typical 2 or 3 day cleanse, this program is tailored to meet each person's unique therapeutic needs  while removing toxins, restoring balance, and renourishing each organ system, with special focus on the colon and liver. Typical cleanses do not consider the possibility of one's inability to detox. Doing a partial 2 or 3 day cleanse when one's liver or colon is overburdened is like trying to put out a fire using gasoline. Kasey is certified in and specializes in whole body detoxification. With this personally tailored program you will feel better than you have in years, maybe your whole life.

Detox Body Treatments Available 

AMD Ion Footbath Detox Program Available 

                                                                                                                                                         * Call for pricing 

Digestive System Restoration

Using a multi-faceted approach, we will focus on rebalancing the gut to restore health and harmony to the entire body and mind. Dysbiosis is the root cause of many chronic illnesses and can be reversed by repopulating gut flora and healing the gut lining. Eliminating offending foods, toxic burden, and heavy metals, while incorporating the highest professionally formulated supplements and herbal therapies, along with learning stress and pain management techniques are all part of this program.


Holistic Lifestyle Reboot

Work with Kasey one-on-one to learn the basic nuances of living a healthy, holistic life through the removal of toxic physical, emotional, and mental stresses while incorporating nourishing lifestyle practices. The body has an amazing capability of healing itself if given the optimum environment to thrive. Holistic care focuses on prevention rather than correction.  We look at the body, mind, and spirit as a whole, not as separate entities. Learn to increase your vitality and enjoy a healthier, fulfilling life!


Young Living Raindrop Therapy

An invaluable therapeutic modality that combines massage using a variety of anti-bacterial, anti-viral essential oils with energy medicine and moist heat application. Dramatic results have been achieved for improving circulation, pain and stress reduction, boosting immune function, and balancing emotions and mood. 

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