Self-Care Sunday

May 2nd 2021

Mother's Day Retreat

To celebrate Mother's Day we invite all mother figures to join us for a day full of TLC to let us shower you with the much deserved care you need!

Whether you're a mom, stepmom, foster mom, aunt, grandmother, caregiver, teacher or fur baby mama - here's to you and your wellbeing

Join us on Sunday, May 2nd for  Self-Care Sunday

Check out all the our offerings below.

Single sessions are available as well as a Full Day pass with 3 detox juices

Or book your single sessions below.

Detox Foot Bath


25 minute session

Guided Meditation


55 minute session

with optional Auricular Acupuncture

Therapeutic Massage


30 minute session



20 minute session



50 minute session

Full Day Pass


All Day

includes 3 detox juices & light lunch

Infrared Sauna


30 minute session

Colon Hydrotherapy


1 hour session

Will You Join Us?

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in teach with us. We're happy to answers any questions you might have.

Serving The Grand Strand and Surrounding Areas


Functional Medicine Specialist 

325 Wellness Drive 

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579


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