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Holistic and Functional Services 

Functional Wellness

Kasey is a root cause detective, looking at all of the factors that are playing a role in your health.  Don't settle for a "take this for that" approach that so many holistic practitioners offer. Get to the root cause and stop wasting your resources trying new products and protocols that are not specific to your current condition.



Nutrigenomics & Epigenetics

Learn how your genetics play a role in your ability to absorb nutrients, break down toxins, and lose weight.



Functional Diagnostic Lab Analysis

Useful in autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, ODD, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, headaches. Learn the REAL underlying cause of your symptoms including bacterial infections, yeast, mold illness, viral infections, and nutrient deficiencies.



Functional Bowel Disorders

Diverticulitis, SIBO, SIFO, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's, constipation, diarrhea, and GERD are all serious and potentially life-threatening symptoms of an underlying condition that may be misdiagnosed or left unidentified for years, creating irrevocable damage.  All of these are addressed in depth in a deep review and GI Restoration plan created just for you.  



Functional Immune Analysis

This is a deep dive into functional labs and symptoms associated with  immune imbalances, whether autoimmune or immune insufficiency. A complete and thorough review will identify triggers that are creating an imbalanced immune response. 



Food Sensitivity Testing

Using the newest technology to show which foods are causing inflammation and driving autoimmunity, tests are available to show reactions of ALL branches of your immune system. 

Sensitivities are NOT the same as allergies and may go undetected as symptoms are more subtle and not as prominent as acute allergic responses. 


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