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See CLEAR by getting CLEAN in 2020!!

Reset your body after a season of excess! Safely and gently relieve your body of toxicity to jumpstart weight loss, increase energy, increase digestive function, increase while detoxification, and decrease brain fog and fatigue!


3 pack detox bundle (month supply) + Facebook group support + Recipes + Step by Step Guidebook for Maximum Results


Facebook Group Opens January 6! You will receive an email with an invitation to join! 


Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, dairy, soy, additive, sweetener, and preservative FREE!

Regular: $129.75

Sale: $89.75

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**A great addition to the 7 Day Cleanse above!


A whole-body detox resets the body back to a neutral state to alleviate the total body burden and gain a  clearer view of remaining health concerns. As you know, detoxification is a vital part of optimal health. If we fail to remove the toxins that we are constantly coming in contact with and absorbing 24 hours a day, we risk debilitating chronic illness, weight gain, chronic fatigue, liver damage and irreparable damage.  To support your continued health we are offering our detox bundle at a savings of $180 this week only!  



14 to 28-day whole body detox kit 

Easy to Use! 

Formulated to detox brain, nervous system, cellular matrix, blood, liver, kidney, bladder, gallbladder.


Great to jumpstart weight loss, reduce inflammation, remove pesticides, water toxins, environmental pollutants, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, glyphosate, toxic cellular waste.

What’s Included:

  • Detox Beverage for Nutrient Support 

  • Specialized Binders for Detox Support 

  • Specialized Homeopathic Formulas for Whole Body Detox

  • Private Facebook group for daily support and guidance

  • Recipes for easy nutrition throughout your detox

  • A live guided meditation  and hypnosis to support the release of emotional and psychological toxic stress which is imperative during a detox

  • Gratitude journal to support the release of toxic thoughts and feelings 

  • Ancillary detox strategies and support 

  • Easy to follow step by step instruction

  • Complete with PDF for usage and best results 

  • Learn what detox IS and IS NOT!!!


Total Value: $375

Sale: $195


Through a quick and non-invasive biocommunication scanner, discover underlying metabolic imbalances measured in frequencies as they pass through the body. Discover hormone and chemical imbalance, nutrient insufficiencies, environmental stress and toxins, and even prominent emotional imbalances that may be creating biochemical stress. Complete analysis of the 4 major processes: detoxification, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and immune systems.


A personalized wellness plan can be created based on your results including diet, supplement and lifestyle modifications. 


Total Value: $120

Sale: $65



Food sensitivities can cause undetected inflammation which is often a root cause of autoimmune conditions and disease. Identifying these sensitivities helps reduce the risks and symptoms associated with this Inflammation. (Serum or Saliva available) 

Complete with a 4-week, personalized nutrition program and customized portfolio with steps to help you achieve optimal health! 


Regular: $670 

Sale: $395


Pack of 3 Body Detox Sessions with targeted liver detox herbal pack and cupping to draw out toxins complete with Ion Cleanse Footbath sessions for stimulating cellular detox of heavy metals, glyphosate, pesticides, and other toxic waste!  


Total Value: $270

Sale: $165


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