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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Don't Miss The Opportunity of Healing!


For a limited time, secure a yearly membership in our HEALING ROOM with UNLIMITED sessions! (no sharing, sorry!) 
Save over $3200!!!!!
only $1600

Order Your Own Labs
Complete Full Body Panel- EVERY system checked- inflammation, immune, digestion, lipid + CD risk, nutrient absorption, full thyroid+antibodies, Epstein Barr antibodies + PDF Report and video review emailed to you $395 (NO CONSULT)

SAVE $500 on our Signature VIP Functional Medicine Complete Health Transformational Program (application based only- 6 month minimum commitment required- not applicable for current VIP program clients)

$300 OFF VIP PROGRAM RENEWAL (must have completed a program within the last 6 months to qualify)
No sign up. Call our office to inquire. 

$150 Gift Card for $100 HERE(may not be used for products)

20 Detox Sessions for $300! Full spectrum sauna, PEMF, Rife, Ion detox footbath(Over $400 in SAVINGS) + BONUS recipes, guides, menu, shopping lists, detox webinar tutorial!

CellCore SALE!!!
Create your account using this code 96UtDRHj

Register so your savings will be applied for the biggest CellCore sale yet!  You will receive the sale email! 


We know the holidays are busy and self care is  last on the list...

But come January, we will all be thinking seriously about our goals for the new year, the things we really want to change about our lives, and those choices we made from October through December that made us gain weight, increased our inflammation and wrecked our digestive and detox systems!  

No worries! We've got your solutions HERE! 

Making a plan now for how you are going to finally tackle your hormone imbalance, your chronic fatigue, and get out of the same rut you have been stuck in, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, bloated, mentally and physically exhausted....


Because you know come January, you have a team of professionals waiting right here to help you transform your waistline, your mindset, your health and your life! 

You won't be alone! From community support of people struggling with the exact same issues to one-on-one support with a certified health and mindset coach and our functional medicine practitioner, to detox and restorative services in our healing room... 

We have you covered! 


Wishing you an intentional and peaceful holiday season! I'm looking forward to seeing many of you working your way toward living your best and healthiest life the rest of 2022 and into 2023! 

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